Instantiation of tree-like structures

There are places in code where we want to instantiate some tree-like structure - mainly while generating HTMLs or/and XMLs. And like always, we've got »

Immutable vs mutable performance

I've stated before that I believe immutability should be used by default, and mutability is actually an optimisation technique. Opponents of immutable data structures usually states »

"Interview" problems

I've recently watched the Pluralsight course about job interviews. I've decided I will do some deeper analysis for one of a given problem. Although it seems »

ES6 for C# developers

ES6 came with a lot of new functionality, and finally I've found some time to go through them! I must admit - Javascript from "must" has »

Immutability comes with design patterns

Recently I have tried to implement some design patterns using only immutable data structures/classes. Immutable data structures - what does it mean? * no setters - »