Where am I online

List: Online Judge: CodeEval - currently in 1% Top C# devs and #60 top, #swag. profile HackerRank - Currently starting with it, their online IDE seems »

Dependency Injection vs Message Handlers

Is it possible to create DI/IoC free system? I have had to try it. It can be seen as second part of an experiment post »

C# traits

Many programming languages have got a trait/mixin mechanism. You can find those in modern programming languages like Scala and Ruby. It is possible to make »

C# Sadness

I'm happy to introduce my new mini-project: http://csharpsadness.com/ Short posts about things in C# and .NET that make me sad. Check out for more! »

Asp.Net MVC Helpers

I've decided to put some work and dig in Asp.Net MVC Helpers libraries. Use of them (even if they are sometimes considered an anti-pattern) can »