Where am I online

  • Online Judge:
    CodeEval - currently in 1% Top C# devs and #60 top, #swag. profile
    HackerRank - Currently starting with it, their online IDE seems to work pretty good. profile (but no achievements there yet)

  • Code repository:
    Bitbucket for private projects, Github for everything else

  • Blogs:
    C# Sadness - grumbles and "what if"s about C# and .NET

  • Social Networks:
    Twitter - @lemm_it

  • E-education:
    Pluralsight - as far as I know, highest quality and level courses. profile
    Codeacademy - online interactive courses, coding in the browser, lots of free content. profile
    Codeschool - like Codeacademy, some good free content as well. profile

  • Hackatons/competitions
    http://adventofcode.com/leaderboard 48th position after whole competition

The list will be updated!