Hello World

I'm alive! Nice.

On this blog I'm going to publish notes that I created while going through piles of books and websites during researching libs, techniques, and software development craftsmanship techniques and patterns.

Something about me?
I'm Michael, and actually I'm not able to determine for how many years I've been associated with programming and IT. Started with Delphi somewhere in a primary school and C++ in a secondary, fallen in love with .Net while studying on the Gdańsk University of Technology.

I have programmed some business apps in Delphi, C and C++ programs that run on the Galera supercomputer in TASK, some Wordpress based sites, and a few Python/Selenium webspiders.
For some time I have been building mobile games engines using Unity3D, in the meanwhile I have created pretty nice ASP.NET MVC language educational platform.
I think Node.js is cool too, that's why I had a romance with it (together with Cassandra).
On the other hand the project, that I'm developing in my Master Degree is written with the use of AngularJs hosted in Java application.
Languages and frameworks are tools, and I'm going to describe those revelations which I will come across along my path.

I can describe myself as a person hungry for knowledge. I like things which are new and questions that don't have easy answers. If I find something interesting, I'll try to describe it here (but no promises!).

Farewell reader, hope you gonna have a good time!