Dependency Injection vs Message Handlers

Is it possible to create DI/IoC free system? I have had to try it.

It can be seen as second part of an experiment post and source, how C# type system works and how we can implement it non-casual ways of dependency resolving/injection.

The idea is to allow classes to specify their dependencies explicitly, without using constructor injection.
So to use:

public YourClass : BaseObject,  
  ISubscriber<MessageOne>, ISubscriber<MessageTwo>,  
    ...handlers implementation (forced) here...  

instead of:

public class YourClass  
    public YourClass(IFirstDependency dep, ISecondDependency, ....., IMilionAndForthDependency)  

Thanks to that we don't have to use IoC - the only dependency is some kind of common bus for sending/receiving messages.
That way the whole system is more scalable (not dependent on the implementation of the bus also!) and resilient.
E.g. in case of non-existent handler system should work - if service is not available in IoC we'd meet NullPointerException.

Full code with some test is available here.