Read models and aggregates using SQL

In IT world subjects like DDD, CQRS, event sourcing are subject that are still extremely popular. It is hard to be on a IT conference and »

Full-stack SQL application

SQL is considered a back-end language. No surprise - declarative data-driven language fits very well into data manipulation layer. But can we categorize languages as back-end »

Instantiation of tree-like structures

There are places in code where we want to instantiate some tree-like structure - mainly while generating HTMLs or/and XMLs. And like always, we've got »

Microservice Description Language

"Domain Specific Language is a computer language specialized to a particular application domain." [Wikipedia] Design goal of domain specific language is to be as expressive as »

Car info service: check history of any car online

I've decided to share a tiny library that I used to check if provided car information are valid. With one line of code you can get »